(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

O.C.D is a Electro/Dark wave project from Belgium and running by The Hermetic Electric
founder Holly Naboo.
O.C.D focusing on our mental health conditions (they have both been suffering from
depression for years) and share experience in O.C.D music & visual project.

Début EP was released on June 29th 2019 including the successful single ‘I Need Help’.

A few launch gigs took place in Europe ( Rimini, Paris, Berlin & Namur) before the
pandemic brought everything to a halt…

« With strongly constructed, minimal electronics and dark vocals, O.C.D. a chilly
sounding dark electro / synth wave sound that crawls to the depths of yourself.
Like an uninvited guest who feels bizarre, but still embraces you. » *

The second Ep is recorded during the first pandemic, called 'Lockdown Tape' and released
on the Wagonmaniac label and an single show in Antwerp.

« O.C.D knows the mechanics of building an atmosphere, how to
adjust it to your pulse, whilst keep you hypnotically in, building a peculiar blend
of analogue and minimal electronica, rippled with subduing glitches, hisses and
acidic undertones, amidst synthwave and darkwave rhythmic inflexions, over
sparse haunting vocals, that wraps you in an unreal, at the same time
comforting et disturbing, abduction, wriggling with anxiety and relaxation,
doom and dream, ecstasy and fear.….. arrhythmic emissions for the lockdown »

The forthcoming release ‘Intrusives Throughs’ will mark the new vision of the project...stay
connected or not…

* Nel Mertens in Luminous Dash
** WhiteLight/WhiteHeat

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