The Nosferatu

The Nosferatu

A short history, Nosferatu was formed in 1987 by Vlad Janicek and this highly theatrical gothic rock band went on to release several Top 20 Indie chart EPs and Albums in the 90s. This band is 2/3 of that lineup following a split in the mid 90s and is named The Nosferatu to differentiate us.

We are the definitive version of the band featuring founding member Vlad Janicek (main songwriter on Rise, Legend and The Prophecy albums) and Louis De Wray (lead vocalist on Rise, Legend and Wonderland).

You may not know the history of the band however this explains things better:

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Louis De Wray – Vocals
Vlad Janicek – Bass
Rob Leydon (Red Sun Revival/Eden House) – Guitar
Simon Rippin (Nefilim/NFD/Eden House/Red Sun Revival) – Drums



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